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What Is IV Therapy?

Are you searching for a way to boost your energy and metabolism, fortify your immune system, or replenish electrolytes and other nutrients to improve your overall vigor and wellness? At Prosperity Health, our staff of experienced professionals offers IV (intravenous) wellness treatments to help you get back to feeling your best. Our practice offers a wide selection of IV mixtures that can be further customized with additional add-ons, whether you want to enhance the appearance of your skin, reduce stress, address chronic fatigue, or simply feel better in general. Certified family nurse practitioner Amber Larimore will work with you to choose which form of IV blend would be a good fit for your needs. For more in-depth information regarding the perks of IV hydration and vitamin therapy, get in touch with our practice in Azle, TX to arrange an appointment.

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What Can I Expect with IV Hydration and Vitamin Therapy?

After your consultation with Amber at our Azle, TX office to figure out which type of IV drip therapy is best for your needs, we'll go about providing your customized nutrient blend in one of our comfortable private treatment rooms. We offer a range of popular IV therapies at Prosperity Health, including:

  • Just the Fluids: If you just want quick hydration, this blend of bioidentical electrolytes is a great solution. You can further customize your treatment with any of our a la carte add-ons.
  • Beauty Bag: Featuring biotin, ascorbic acid, and Olympia Vita Complex (a mix of B-complex vitamins), this bag contains nutrients to enhance the health of your skin, hair, and nails.
  • Immunity Booster: This mixture supports the immune system with ascorbic acid, Olympia Vita Complex, and zinc chloride — perfect for those fighting off illness or simply trying to prevent one.
  • Quench: An excellent choice for IV therapy beginners, the Quench mixture contains ascorbic acid, Olympia Vita Complex, and a blend of essential minerals.
  • Myer's Bag: This cocktail can provide fast relief for those dealing with sickness or dehydration. Ingredients for this blend include zinc, ascorbic acid, magnesium chloride, and calcium chloride to help you feel better quickly.
  • Recover & Reset: Intended for athletes and patients trying to replenish after an acute illness, this cocktail offers a blend of the vitamins, minerals, and proteins needed to replace what you've lost. This mixture contains ascorbic acid, Olympia Vita Complex, and a blend of amino acids and minerals.

The cost of your IV therapy and the results you can expect to see will depend on the blend you select and your own health. Our IV offerings start as low as $95 with plenty of customization options available.

After your skin has been cleaned and disinfected, the IV line will be inserted. The IV will deliver the vitamin cocktail through a slow drip as you relax, taking about 60 minutes in all to finish. Afterward, we'll apply a small bandage over the IV site, and you will be free to go home or go about your day. Patients generally enjoy results quickly as the cocktail is delivered throughout the body. These benefits often extend into the next few days. Our staff will discuss with you how often you may desire to schedule additional IV therapy treatments according to your individual wellness and health needs.

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Get the Boost You Need

Intravenous hydration and vitamin treatments can be a fantastic choice when you're looking for relief from unwanted symptoms so you can get back to feeling your best. At Prosperity Health, we are happy to offer numerous options for IV therapy with added vitamins and medications so you can get the blend that's just right for you. Get in touch with the staff at our Azle, TX facility to learn more about IV nutrient therapy or to set up your consultation with Amber.

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